Increasing revenue while reducing costs

Pulse Telecom is passionate about new technology and the opportunities it provides for Telco’s to increase their revenue and to reduce their costs.  

Pulse Telecom’s mission is to help Telco’s use their existing infrastructure in a more cost-effective way, to save money that can be invested into new technologies for an even larger revenue flow. 

Discover how you can increase your revenue and reduce your costs

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Building bridges between technology and commercialism

The telecom industry produces many very clever engineers and technicians. In many cases however, commercialism is not even a consideration for them. On the other hand, Marketing and Finance struggle to commercialise a service that they do not fully understand.

Pulse Telecom builds bridges between technology and commercialism.

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Internationally proven solutions

Pulse Telecom has been working with operators, regulators and vendors internationally for 30 years.

One solution for everyone does not work. We deliver internationally proven solutions that are especially customised to your local business culture and Telco environment.   

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Latest News

Is your network ready for the Internet of Things, IP Multimedia Subsystems, Big Data and 5G?

Futuristic technologies require a good underlying infrastructure, with good bandwidth, to be able to operate correctly and earn the operator revenue. Problems in the underlying infrastructure that causes slow and intermittent internet access, will affect IoT, Big Data and 5G even more than they affect current technologies like ADSL and VDSL.

About our Free Training Audit and Free Network Health Checks.

About our Free Training Audit and Free Network Health Checks and how to get one. This is an on site visit which focusses on many aspects of your telecommunications business or organisation.